Introducing LUCA Pay to Help Your Business Thrive

Enjoy the best cash flow by simplifying and automating how you manage your business’s bills and invoices including payments.

You already know the benefits of LUCA Plus for business-to-business transactions using e-invoicing. Now, we are pleased to announce LUCA Pay, our integrated cash flow payment automation solution to help your business to thrive.

LUCA Pay is powered by LUCA Plus and is our cash flow solution that changes the way you process payments with suppliers and receive money from your customers – let LUCA Pay handle the financial interactions such as chasing bad debts, reduce debtor days and while you focus on creating and maintaining great business relationships.

The Benefits of LUCA Paying Your Invoices and Bills

Business and technology keep evolving whether you like it or not! Stay ahead of the curve and automate your payment via LUCA Pay so your cash flow is the best it can be.

Cash flow confidence – your customer will always pay you on time via LUCA Pay. This enables your business to worry less about paying bills, by breaking them into 4 payment instalments within 4 months without interest charges.

Better business relationships and customer experience – LUCA Pay improves business relationships with your customers and suppliers by giving everyone peace of mind for cash flow, so you can offer more value and better services to each other.

Who’s it for?

Any small to medium size businesses that are frustrated with late payment issues and stressed about short term cash flow gaps on paying suppliers.

Solving Your Cash Flow Challenges

Luca Pay is designed to help business owners and their advisors effectively manage cash flow for business success by getting paid faster and releasing bill payment frustrations.

Talk to LUCA Pay Today and Secure Your Cash Flow

Whether you’re a bookkeeper, accountant, or business owner, you’re going to love LUCA Pay and how easy it makes managing cash flow.

Reimagine how you do business by making the most of this exciting technology that frees up your time and headspace.

Book a demo today and learn more about how our safeguarded system can benefit your business. We’re here to help your business thrive!

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Your all-in-one tool for better cash flow, and back-office efficiency. We are the world’s first end-to-end business transaction network for sole traders, freelancers, and small to medium sized businesses. LUCA Plus has developed accounting solutions such as secure e-invoicing, income projection, multi-channel payment options, and more to improve cash flow and manage invoicing & bills in the cloud.

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