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E-invoicing resources

e-invoicing resources

With the Australian Government allocating $3.6 million towards mandating the adoption of electronic invoicing by July 2022, e-invoicing is here to stay*.

So at LUCA Plus, we’re here to help you get ready for e-invoicing!

Read for yourself what the ATO says about e-invoicing in Australia, learn how to avoid online scams and unnecessary costs associated with invoicing – and learn about e-invoicing in action through our infographics and case study.

Let’s get ready for e-invoicing together!

Our e-invoicing eBook has insightful learnings from our webinar with the ATO’s Director of e-invoicing Mark Stockwell , download our eBook below:

Infographic 1: Common e-invoicing myths, busted

Infographic 2: Challenges faced by businesses when not using an e-invoicing solution

Infographic 3: Learn about e-invoicing in action through our case study with Amy the plumber

Why not try LUCA Plus for FREE for 30 Days so that you can try out all its features. We’re keen to hear your feedback on how your first 30 Days went:


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