E-invoicing Trailblazer, LUCA Plus, Partners with MYOB

E-invoicing Trailblazer, LUCA Plus, Partners with MYOB

Friday, 29 January 2021

Melbourne-based e-invoicing technology company, LUCA Plus, has signed a lucrative partnership agreement with leading business management platform, MYOB.

The partnership enables MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials customers to subscribe to LUCA Plus and start creating and receiving e-invoices immediately.

LUCA Plus CEO, Ray Wang, says partnering with MYOB is a tremendous opportunity for LUCA Plus and provides a flexible solution for SMEs.

“LUCA Plus and MYOB share similar vision and values, both striving to support SMEs as they grow their businesses within the MYOB and LUCA Plus ecosystem.

“LUCA Plus provides an innovative e-invoicing solution tailored for SMEs.  We aim to help our clients create customers for life, whilst easing cash-flow and improving system security,” said Ray.

“Once the e-invoicing function is enabled, suppliers will automate and streamline bookkeeping efforts within their software for future invoices sent to their customers – saving Australian businesses time and money,” Ray concluded.

In the 2020 Budget the Federal Government announced the Digital Business Plan to help drive Australia’s economic recovery. The package includes mandating the adoption of electronic invoicing for government agencies by July 2022, to encourage it in the supply chain.

MYOB CEO, Greg Ellis, says the partnership agreement adds flexibility and security for MYOB customers as they transition to e-invoicing and would like to see widespread adoption.

“Other countries have successfully mandated e-invoicing across the board. They understand how it works and the benefits of faster payment times and reduced admin that it brings,” Mr. Ellis said.

“Mandating the adoption of e-invoicing for all Commonwealth government agencies is a fantastic starting point, we’d like to see this extended to B2B transactions as well as a digital incentive program to encourage the adoption of correct software to roll it out.

“MYOB is primed to support SMEs in their adaptation to e-invoicing. We are proud to have partnered with a selection of Australia’s top providers to ensure MYOB customers have flexibility over the way they transact with their customers and can securely send and receive their e-invoices. “E-invoicing is the best enabler we have for the digital economy and a great way to help our SMEs lead Australia’s recovery and growth,” Mr Ellis said.

LUCA Plus and MYOB have joined forces to slay the invoicing monster, once and for all. Click the button below to find out how:

To organise an interview, or to find out more, please contact:

Daniela Herrera, Marketing and Business Development Manager at LUCA Plus, click on the button below:

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About LUCA Plus: LUCA Plus is an award winning, Melbourne-based,e-invoicing software provider.  LUCA Plus e-invoicing technology offers automation across accounting platforms and is a gamechanger for accounting technology.  Accredited by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), LUCA Plus e-invoicing software offers the security and convenience of the internationally validated Peppol system, reducing the risk of invoice fraud. LUCA Plus is a certified partner of XERO, MYOB and QuickBooks.

For more information on LUCA Plus, our accreditations, partnerships and e-invoicing, please visit https://www.lucaplus.com/.

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