11 Things to Spend Your Extra Time on when You’ve Started E-invoicing

11 Things to Spend Your Extra Time on when You’ve Started E-invoicing

We live in a world where everyone is time-poor.  Sometimes being busy is a badge of honour, but the reality is we’re spending way too much time on tasks that shouldn’t be sapping our precious time.

Take, for example, invoicing your clients.  If you’re still typing up an invoice in Word or Excel, handwriting an invoice, or even issuing an invoice through your accounting system, you’re probably spending more time than necessary chasing up, reissuing and reconciling your accounting.

E-invoicing Mandated by Federal Government

Did you know that the Federal Government has mandated the adoption of e-invoicing (also known as electronic invoicing) from July 2022?

E-invoicing is the automated invoicing process, where the supplier’s invoice lands right in the purchaser’s accounting system.  This automation removes much of the time, room for error and expense that Australian businesses face chasing and fixing invoicing issues.

Specialised e-invoicing software saves your business precious time and money, allowing you to focus on doing business and enjoying your lifestyle!

If, like most business owners, you do what you do because you’re passionate, can see a world of potential and love the lifestyle opportunities it offers,  the pay-off is probably that you eat, drink and sleep your business.  For many, it’s all-consuming, and you spend most of your waking hours working on it or at least thinking about it. 

So, implementing e-invoicing now is a no-brainer when it comes to freeing up time so you can focus on other priorities.  Here are some things you can spend your extra time on once you’ve started e-invoicing.

1. Ten Thousand Steps

You’ve been released from the bounds of your desk, no longer needing to reissue, chase or follow up invoices.  Get moving and challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps a day. It’ll become a habit and you’ll feel great.  You can thank us later!

2. Tunes in the Kitchen

Pump out some tunes whilst you get creative in the kitchen.  Find an awesome recipe and take the time to enjoy every minute of your culinary experience from prep, through cooking and sitting down to enjoy a fantastic homecooked meal.  If you’re feeling adventurous, how about preparing a fabulous three-course dinner party and have some friends around to enjoy it with you.

3. Head to the Coast

The ocean – or even the harbour, river or lake – are known stress relievers.  Just being near water brings a sense of calm.  Whether you pack your swimmers for a luxurious day of sunbaking and swimming or choose to enjoy a long leisurely coastal walk followed by lunch overlooking the water, it’s a great way to unwind and take some time to enjoy life.

4. There’s Gold in them thar Hills

Whilst many people find the ocean or coast a relaxing haven, others prefer the sanctuary and serenity of fresh mountain air or the bush.  From most cities in Australia, you can jump in the car and be in the mountains or bushland within a couple of hours.  A few hours following a bush track, or enjoying a picnic in the mountains can help you reset and prepare for any challenges ahead.

5. Take Up a Hobby

Have you ever wanted to give a new hobby a go, or spend more time doing something you love?  Maybe you like the idea of painting, or sewing, or horseriding, or woodwork, or training for a marathon, or dabbling in fixing electronics – the list is endless.  Implementing e-invoicing now, could give you back precious time to do something that you really want to do. 

6. Spend Time with Your People

No one’s ever said in their dying days, “I wish I’d spend more time invoicing clients”, but you often hear people say they wish they’d spent more time with their kids, or their parents, or their friends.  Steal back that time now – book in regular catch-ups and make your life about people, not things.

7. Get Out & Smell the Flowers

Sometimes just allowing yourself a short time each day to get out and explore your local neighbour, can give you the time you need to reset and restart.  Wander around the neighbourhood and look out for things you haven’t noticed before – what sort of flowers are growing in people’s front yards, and what number do the houses go up to in your street?  You’ll be amazed at what you start noticing once you tune in to the environment around you.

8. Pet Therapy

Are you always so busy you’ve had to outsource your dog’s exercise to a local dog walker?  Or have you not been able to get a pet because you feel like you’re never around?  Spending just a short time with your pet each day is a fantastic stress reliever and, believe it or not, they’ll love you just as much whether you spend five minutes or five hours with them … unless your pet’s a cat, you’ll have to work for love there!

9. Podcasts & Self Education

We have unlimited access to information.  There are millions of podcasts, videos, TedTalks, educational portals where you can learn about pretty much anything you want to!  Educate yourself as a business person, or find out about the lifecycle of skinks – the world is your oyster when it comes to education.

10. Give Back to Your Community

We’re surrounded by charities and community groups that need volunteers, donations and promotion.  Reach out to a group that you want to support, and see how you can help them.

11. Mindfulness & Meditation

There are many mental and physical health benefits associated with meditation and mindfulness.  Spending just 5 to 30 minutes a day paying attention to life in the present moment, can help reduce stress, increase focus, improve resilience and enhance physical wellbeing.  Get a mindfulness app, participate in meditation, take a yoga class or mindfully explore your neighbourhood.  You’ll feel the benefits of disconnecting from your stresses and learning to appreciate “living in the moment”.

Don’t know where to start?

So, if you want to start enjoying your spare time, join our team for e-invoicing LIVE demo sessions in 2021.

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