My Customer is Asking for an E-invoice.  Help!

My Customer is Asking for an E-invoice. Help!

More and more Australian businesses are being asked, by their customers, to send an e-invoice instead of a PDF via email or printed invoice by post.  If you don’t know what they’re talking about, or can’t meet their needs, then it’s time to explore e-invoicing for your business.

You may recently have heard Prime Minister Scott Morrison talk about “electronic invoicing” when he announced funding of nearly $800 million to rebuild the Australian economy and enable businesses to implement digital technologies.  “E-invoicing” is simply an abbreviation for “electronic invoicing” – and the commonly used terminology in the technology sector.

A majority of Australian businesses will begin e-invoicing in 2021 with the federal government mandating its implementation by July 2022.  So, it’s a serious business risk not to be exploring your e-invoicing options right now.

The Facts

E-invoicing is the automated exchange and processing of invoices between a purchaser and supplier’s accounting systems through a secure encrypted connection. E-invoicing requires both parties to be on the e-invoicing network.   

Diagram showing a seller creates invoice, then processed by LUCA Plus, then buyer receives invoice.
  • Firstly, the automation of the system means there is less likelihood of invoice fraud or invoices going missing. 
  • Additionally, e-invoices get paid, on average, 32% faster than PDF or printed invoices, and business administration costs on invoice processing decrease from over $27 per invoice to under $10. 
  • The convenience and secure invoicing connection reduces manual processes, and ensures invoices land straight in your customer’s accounting system, avoiding the risk of input errors.

The Options

1. Free trials, grants and rebates

If you can’t justify using financial software for your business just yet, did you know that you can try Luca Plus for free for 30 days? It’s a no-brainer – we recommend you give it a go! 

Once you’re ready to sign-up permanently, it’s also worthwhile exploring state government grants and rebates currently available through stimulation packages.  One example is the Victorian Government’s Small Business Digital Adaptation Program through which businesses can apply for a rebate of $1200 after they purchase approved digital solutions.

2. Invoicing from your existing accounting platform

An accredited e-invoicing access point provider, like LUCA Plus ensures your software and your customer’s software communicate with each other, regardless of which accounting systems are being used.

Most cloud-based accounting platforms require an add-on to enable e-invoicing.  Luca Plus is an approved e-invoicing partner of accounting software giants Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks, providing a secure access point for e-invoicing. 

3. Partner with Luca Plus

We’re here to help you create customers for life.

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, join our Luca Plus Partner Program and we’ll help you and your clients get e-invoicing in no time.

Our Partner Program gives you access to a dedicated account manager, reward incentives and free marketing resources to help you and your clients achieve business goals together.  We offer live demonstrations, and walk you and your clients through sign-up and use of Luca Plus step-by-step!

4. Join e-invoicing live

Every fortnight on Wed & Thu at noon, we provide curious business owners and their accountant/bookkeeper with a live demo to help them ask questions and deep dive with us on LUCA Plus capabilities.

Bring your lunch and your questions!

5. invoice vs e-invoice – still confused?

If you’re still creating your invoices in Word or Excel, or sending a PDF to your customers, or even handwriting your invoicing on an invoice pad, it’s time to start the conversation and get e-invoicing today.

Check out our e-invoicing eBook which has all the answers for you.

Let’s get ready for e-invoicing together, download our e-invoicing eBook below:

6. Refer and earn when you sign up to Luca Plus! 

Luca Plus is delighted to have launched the New Sign Up Incentive Program (NSIP) for those who refer and recommend Luca Plus.  With COVID-19 having brought extraordinary financial challenges, we understand that many Australian businesses need a little extra support.

A great way to introduce your customers and suppliers to e-invoicing, the Luca Plus New Sign Up Incentive Program rewards new and existing Luca Plus subscribers when they recommend and refer business partners, resulting in a sign up.  Earn up to $2000 whilst enjoying the benefits of e-invoicing with Luca Plus. 

The program offers financial incentives to new and existing clients regardless of whether you’re the customer or supplier or accountant/ bookkeeper in any B2B business scenario. Referring is simple, by sharing an exclusive referral link via email, text message, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or even LinkedIn messages. 

Earn $20* for each person or business who subscribes to Luca Plus from your referral.  Incentive program earnings are capped at $2000* per referrer.

For details please visit LUCA Plus NSIP terms and conditions.

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