How to Communicate Your E-invoicing Intentions to Your Clients

How to Communicate Your E-invoicing Intentions to Your Clients

If yours is one of the many Australian businesses starting with e-invoicing, you might be facing the challenge of getting your clients and trading partners on board with the technology. 

The good news is the Federal Government has announced mandatory adoption of e-invoicing by Commonwealth agencies, which means both the private and public sectors will need to start thinking about implementing an e-invoice solution.  Business lobby groups are calling for assistance to help small businesses implement necessary changes – bringing e-invoicing into the limelight.

Of course, by nature, humans tend to resist change, particularly when it comes to digital technology. So, upfront, you may face opposition when it comes to encouraging your clients and trading partners to switch to e-invoicing. 

What do They Need to Know?

Arming yourself with the facts can be a great starting point in this vital conversation to persuade your clients and trading partners that e-invoicing is a no-brainer for any business. So, we’re here to help!

We have created downloadable FREE resources to help you start having the conversation with your clients and with your Accountants/Bookkeepers:

Click on the buttons below to download:
Infographic 1: Common e-invoicing myths, busted
Infographic 2: Challenges faced by businesses without LUCA Plus
Infographic 3: Learn about e-invoicing in action through our case study

What Does LUCA Plus do that My Existing Accounting Package Doesn’t?
without LUCA Plus:with LUCA Plus:
  • Currently when you issue an invoice from XERO, MYOB and QuickBooks you receive a PDF invoice to view or to download your invoice

  • Then you manually input the details on the invoice or have to constantly check if you sent the invoice, and if the invoice has been paid

  • When using LUCA Plus you have the option to either invoice straight out of LUCA Plus or through your existing accounting software.  Either way the e-invoice is directly pushed into your customer or supplier’s accounting software

  • LUCA Plus’ dashboard provides an end-to-end transactional history trail all in one place validated by its blockchain technology.

  • LUCA Plus reduces the chance of invoice fraud – read about our real life scenario where LUCA Plus stopped a client being scammed $5000.

  • You can read about this in our e-invoicing eBook here
    How does LUCA Plus work with Accounting Packages?

    LUCA Plus enables your business to transcend the boundaries of your accounting software package.  So, for example, a business using XERO with LUCA Plus can send an e-invoice to another business regardless of whether they use XERO, MYOB or QuickBooks as their standard accounting package, provided the receiving company also has LUCA Plus software.  This is where LUCA Plus’ free monthly plan can help you encourage your clients and trading partners to get into e-invoicing.

    For a detailed run through of how to sync LUCA Plus with your existing accounting package or send invoices from the LUCA Plus Solo Plan, check out the helpful videos below:

    Can I Send an E-invoice if the Other Party Doesn’t Use LUCA Plus?

    To get the full benefit of e-invoicing it’s recommended that both parties subscribe to LUCA Plus.  This ensures:

    • both parties in a transaction are legitimate and qualified through LUCA Plus
    • both parties are protected by LUCA Plus to prevent fraudulent invoices and bills  – make sure you check out our article about how LUCA Plus stopped one of our clients being scammed $5000.
    • both invoices sync directly to each other’s existing accounting software

    In the case that your client or trading partner does not yet use LUCA Plus, in addition to the emailed PDF invoice they receive, LUCA Plus will send an email asking if they want to sync the invoice.

    To find out how you can get e-invoicing ready, we suggest you:

    1. Download our eBook on e-invoicing, by clicking on the button below
    2. Sign for FREE for 30 days and see for yourself the benefits e-invoicing will bring to your business and to your clients, by clicking on the button below

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